SAP Enterprise Portal Development Course Details Introduction to SAP Netweaver

  • Net Weaver Architecture (EP, KM, XI, BI, MI, WAS etc)
  • Enterprise Portal Architecture, WAS Architecture
  • Transition from Desktop to WebTop (Browser Enabling)
  • I views, Pages, Roles, Work set, Users, Groups
  • Customizing Portal (Look and Feel)

Portal Themes, Portal Desktops, Rule Collections

  • Connecting to SAP R/3, SAP, SAP BW and SAP CRM
  • Connecting to ORACLE, Yahoo, Google services
  • Various I views
  • SAP URL I view, SAP Transaction I view
  • SAP BSP I view, SAP BW report I view
  • SAP Web Dynpro I view, Web Service I view
  • JDBC Stored Procedure I view, Portal Activity Report I view
  • Single-Sign on [SSO], SAP Logon Tickets
  • Portal Personalization
  • Portal Internationalization
  • Transportation/Import/Export EPA Files [Business Packages]
  • Portal Development Kit [PDK] ——–Outdated
  • SAP R/3 Fundamentals, SAP BW Fundamentals

Remote Function Module /RFC /BAPI

  • Transaction codes, Internal Tables
  • WAS Java Admin Tools
  • Config Tool, Visual J2ee Admin Tool
  • SDM GUI, System Analyzer
  • Security-User Management (Users, Groups)
  • System Landscape, SLD configuration
  • JCO Destinations, NWDI Configuration
  • DTR . Tracks, CMS . Runtime Systems
  • CBS . Ready-to-use Libraries
  • SLD . Information of Systems
  • ESS/MMS Business Packages
  • Introduction of ESS/MSS
  • Configuration of ESS/MSS
  • Customization of ESS/MSS dc
  • Installation of Portal
  • Pre-install, install, post-install
  • Visual Composer Setup

Knowledge Management & Collaboration

  • Business Objectives of KM
  • KM Platform: Architecture Overview, Real Time Collaboration
  • Repositories, ACL,TREX Components, Crawler
  • Permissions
  • Versioning in KM, Publishing Documents
  • KM I views
  • KM Document I view, Subscription, Approval
  • KM Navigation I view
  • KM Quick Poll Admin I view
  • KM Quick Poll I view [Polling ,Rating]
  • KM XML Forms Builder I view
  • KM UPLOAD I view
  • KM Discussions I view
  • KMC Asynchronous Collaboration
  • Versioning, Permissions, Lifetime in KM
  • Collaboration Launch Pad
  • Creating WEB Folder & using them in KM Repository
  • Creating & Maintaining Collaboration Rooms
  • Email Integration
  • Example Based TAXONAMY

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