Statistical Analysis System is a type of integrated system provided by the SAS institute for the software products. SAS online training helps the programmers understand this software in detail and make use of this high performing software in completing the daily tasks of the office work. The SAS programs form the main basis of the SAS and define operation sequences that are to be performed on the data that are stored as tables.

Even though there is non-programmer, graphical user interfaces such as SAS Enterprise Guide, these are usually only a front-end that facilitates or automates the SAS generation programs. SAS online training teaches the students or learners about how to access the SAS component functionalities via application programming interfaces that are prepared in the form of procedures and statements.


Online SAS Course Syllabus:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Referencing Files and Setting Options
  • Intro to SAS Programs
  • Creating List Reports
  • How to SAS Data Sets from Raw Data
  • DATA Step Processing
  • Reading Date and Time Values
  • Combining SAS Data Sets
  • Working with Variables
  • Working with Descriptive Statistics
  • SAS User Defined formats
  • Transforming Data with SAS Functions
  • Reporting in SAS-List Reports, Summary Reports, HTML Repots
  • Intro to PDV
  • Working with Do Loops
  • Processing Variables with Array
  • Reading data from external files

Advanced Online SAS Training Syllabus :

  • Intro to MACROs
  • Working with Macro Variables
  • Introduction to SQL
  • SQL Programming ? Joins, Constraints, Working with Complex SQL Queries
  • Creating Macro variable with SQL Queries
  • Working with Complex Macros
  • Dynamically assigning values to Macro variables
  • Macro Programming

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